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5 Clever Ways to Make More Money and Be Happy Doing It

By: JobsInTheUS.com

Need a little extra income? Here are five ways to make more money on side gigs, in your current job, and while searching for your next employment opportunity.

1. Freelance

Freelancing is the low hanging fruit of increasing your income. Use your skills to tackle small projects and support yourself in the short or long term.

How do you freelance? Where do you begin? If you're looking to freelance for the long term, there's a variety of freelancer websites where you can establish a presence for inbound inquiries. But, a more effective way to bring in projects in the short term is to treat freelancing like an effective job search strategy - identify the companies you want to work with, reach out to them with what you're able to do for them, and see if you can find a way to work together.

If you want to write, reach out to companies and marketing agencies with an offer to do freelance writing projects at $40 per 500-word blog post. If you can code, work on building a basic website for a friend starting up a business. Whatever your skills are, market them and take on projects that can pad your bank account while searching for a long-term opportunity.

2. Learn New Skills

You see "Requirements" in most job posts. "Must know HTML." "Proficient in SEO." "FRegistered Nursing License required."

Find out what skills are in high demand within the industry that you want to break into. If there's a shortage of Final Cut Pro video editors in Burlington, Vermont, then consider taking an online course in how to use Final Cut Pro.

Online courses are offered relatively inexpensively on sites like Udemy. Investing time in learning a new marketable skill can help you land your next great gig a step above where you were before.

3. Teach an Online Course

If you enjoyed learning about a new skill, consider teaching an online course about your favorite subject matter on the same websites. Forbes reports that the average instructor on Udemy earns $7,000 a year. Teaching not only will deepen your knowledge on the subject matter, but it can bring in a little extra cash while giving you something unique to include on your resume.

If an online course isn't your thing, consider teaching or tutoring others at the collegiate level.

4. Launch a new product

Spending time building, launching and selling a product is an American pastime that can keep you productive in a job search and possibly bring in some extra cash. By building and launching the product yourself, you'll be able to keep costs low to develop a minimum viable product.

Generate a list of product ideas by first determining what skills you can apply to product development. Use your list of skills as a buffer for new ideas. If you can't build the product yourself, consider moving on from the product idea to keep your costs low. There's nothing worse than forking over $5,000 to an iPhone app developer, only to find that no one but you has downloaded your app.

Utilize sites like Amazon to find what's popular in the marketplace. Combine your skills, your ideas, and marketplace trends to launch what you believe could be a great idea. You never know where the path could take you.

5. Take a part-time job

Supplement your full-time job search with part-time work. Doing so will bring in a little income and keep you active while searching for a full-time opportunity.

To search for part-time jobs in Vermont, use the Advanced Search tools on JobsInVT.com to find job opportunities ranging from Bookkeeping to an Office Assistant.

Your turn: How do you plan to make more money?