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Elementary Teacher

Laraway Youth & Family Services | Johnson, VT 05656

Laraway Youth & Family Services

The Academic Instructor will provide instruction in one or more content areas, utilizing best practices in assessment and in discussion. They will develop and deliver classroom and field based curriculum, based on current best practices utilizing a variety of medium including technology, project based learning, differentiated instruction and the concepts of universal designs for learning. The Instructor will also:

•    Provide daily leadership, support and direction to home room staff and students. Create and maintain daily, weekly and quarterly plans and schedules. 
•     Collaborate and team teach to develop and deliver academics and therapeutic strength based activities from beginning to end of day. 
•     Evaluate student progress, records results, and prepares grades and commentary to inform parents of progress. Participates in statewide and formal assessments as required.
*        Develop and maintain trauma informed best practices: connection, building relationships, naming
emotions, co-regulation, empathy, acceptance, congruence, presence, and attunement. Maintain
awareness of own affect, posture, body language, and complexity and tone of language. Staff should be
comfortable asking for a break and peers comfortable subbing staff out and letting staff know they can
step in and give a break. 

*        Track and report student progress and staff interventions toward treatment goals using daily data sheets,
daily CERT (Concurrent Education Rehabilitation and Treatment notes, daily communication with peers
and leaders, SIR’s (Serious Incident Reports), and in team and treatment meetings.
*        Engage with youth using replacement behaviors, sensory breaks while maintaining calm body,
calm voice.
*        Support students throughout the day with behavioral situations and academic tasks both on and
off campus.
*        Anticipate behavior, recognize the need for therapeutic intervention and implement strategies
per individualized plan.
*       Maintain focus on the student at all times and engage to support student’s emotional and
academic needs.
*       Monitor student behavior per student plan and ensure the safety and well-being of students at all
*       Implement safety strategies, calming activities, sensory and/or redirection to positive activity,
safe space, environmental changes, change of staff (if possible), seek support of others as
needed. Utilize staff, systems, and physical area as de-escalation, redirection, up regulating and
or down regulating: art room, projects, walking or working outside, swing sets, music room etc.

Posted On: 01/09/192019-01-09
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Telecommute: No
Categories: Education
Job Type: Regular
Job Status: Full Time
Career Level: Mid Level (2-10 years experience)
Minimum Degree: Bachelor's Degree
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